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Sweat It Out, Spice It Up: Exercise’s Impact on Your Sex Life

Regular exercise has many AMAZING benefits, including disease prevention, memory improvement, and weight management. Another bonus (a pretty great one, too) of working out is it can do wonders for your sex life! Everybody has different health and hormonal issues, so what works for one person may not work for another.

What is Libido?

Your libido is a mental drive or energy that causes your sexual desire, or lack thereof. Many things influence your libido, including psychological, emotional, and physical factors. These factors include stress, mental health, hormone levels and fluctuations, medication, and overall health. Your libido is usually heavily impacted by your general lifestyle choices like sleep quality, alcohol intake, and food choices. There are exceptions, like people who struggle with mental illnesses like chronic depression.

How Exercise Improves Your Sexual Health

You Feel More Attractive!

Do you ever catch yourself in the gym mirror and think, “damn! I look great!”? That confidence shines through in the bedroom as well. Regular exercise helps improve your self-esteem and confidence, making us want to show it off to our partners. Being active leads to a more positive body image, leaving you feeling more attractive, which can boost sexual desire.

Stress Levels Go Down!

When stressed out, your body reacts in various ways, which can ruin a workout and negatively impact your libido. Stress causes your body to produce more of the cortisol hormone, which can decrease sexual interest over time. Exercise produces feel-good endorphins and lowers cortisol levels, so working out helps reduce stress and maintain a healthy sex drive.

Improves Your Endurance!

You build your endurance when you exercise regularly, which is essential for sexual health since sex is also a workout. A study found that 30 minutes of sexual activity can burn up to 125 calories in men and 100 calories in women, similar to walking at a 3-mph pace.

Enhances Your Performance!

As with any form of physical activity, being in good shape helps you perform at your best! Regular exercise increases your heart rate, lung health, and muscle activation, which enhances performance and satisfaction during intimate activities, leading to a healthier sex life.

A study found that women who exercise regularly boost “physiological arousal,” meaning that ladies are more likely to be “in the mood” after a good workout. Another study on men found that males who exercise regularly see a significant increase in the frequency of and ability to perform intimate activities.

Sexual Health in Men & Women

Women are more likely to have hormonal imbalances than men. Many women turn to supplements to manage hormonal issues like mood swings, depression, stress, and sleeping problems. Still, exercise can help you have a more noticeable and longer-lasting effect on your sexual health. Females have progesterone, estrogen, and small amounts of testosterone, which all affect arousal, development, and desire. Exercise helps keep these hormones in check!

Men’s dominant sex hormone is testosterone. Testosterone regulates sex drive, fat distribution, bone mass, strength, and muscle mass. Normal testosterone levels vary from man to man, but low testosterone levels can negatively impact your libido. While various things can impact (positively and negatively) a male’s libido, regular exercise can help boost libido. Testosterone levels spike after an intense training session, lasting between 15 and 60 minutes after a workout.

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