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Personal Training at West Coast Strength is a select high-end service for those who want to achieve lasting change and real results. It’s for people who want the best and for people who want to be their best.

This gym originated as a single owner operated personal training business and over a decade later we’ve grown WCS Personal Training to be the flagship of our business. 

We specialize in corrective/rehabilitative exercise, weight-loss, strength training, endurance, and helping motivated people transform their bodies. 

Far too often the fitness industry approaches personal training with a cookie cutter mentality, providing inexperience coaches with limited skills, poor pay, and a “one size fits all” approach to fitness. At WCS each of our coaches have a high degree of experience and education. They each have different approaches and focuses, which is why it’s so important that you are matched with the right coach. Don’t settle for mediocrity, you deserve better.

changing the fitness industry

The core value of our business is helping others. Through WCS Personal Training we’re able to walk each step with our clients and offer unique and detailed solutions to meet individual needs. This is where you’ll experience a hands-on approach to training. 

We’ve disrupted the commercial fitness industry by providing our clients with professional coaches who offer more than an online training certification. These coaches are educated, experienced and continuously working at refining their craft. 

Our coaches know what works and at West Coast Strength we’ve developed a process for success. 


I've been a member here since it was Delta and the changes I've seen since West Coast took over is great! They are investing in new equipment, and the culture is changing for the better 👏. The staff are all very kind, and I recommend introducing yourself to other members here as well if you're new, or have any questions, or if you need a spot even. If you're looking for personal training, they have some excellent trainers here that I see pushing their clients to reach their goals. I am looking forward to seeing this gym continue to evolve and grow 💪 🙌


Fantastic gym! Super clean and great equipment. Ryan at the front was super helpful and treated us extremely well. I had been here to visit before when it was Delta and it is obvious management has put in a lot of love and attention! Highly recommend to anyone in the area

Devon Nesta

Since WCS took over, they really have incorporated a positive gym friendly vibe. They just remodeled the entire space and it was much needed! The entire staff is incredibly friendly and make people feel welcomed. Tons of free weights, benches, racks and machines available. One of the best fitness communities in town!

Christian Barrientos

I had the pleasure of working with Tom Anderson CPT/CSCS, the trainer, and I must say, Tom was instrumental in alleviating my sore neck and back pain. His approach was not only effective but also delivered with a pleasant demeanor. Tim's understanding and informative nature made the entire experience highly recommendable. I truly appreciate his expertise. On the gym side, it is getting better and better each week with fresh updates and new equipment soon!

David Bierwirth

My personal trainer, Alex is amazing. He is so knowledgeable about how to help with any kind of fitness need. The staff at West Coast Strength have been so welcoming and kind. Right now the gym is getting a make over. It looks great. The staff and the clients keep everything so clean 🙂 Alex, Mark and Megan, thank you!

Kaysie Klein

Awesome gym- friendly and knowledgeable staff, great variety of machines and workout equipment. Definitely recommended for beginners to advanced!

Matthew Deatley

The new gym is light years better than it has every been! The trainers are not only knowledgeable, but encouraging and inspirational. I worked with Alex Devish and he helped me become the best version of me that I ever thought possible! On the streets, I was given compliment after compliment. If you want to become the best version of yourself too, they will not disappoint!

David Andersen



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